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ED files money laundering case against Karti Chidambaram, others

Enforcement Directorate has filed a money laundering case against Karti Chidambaram, son of former Union Minister P Chidambaram. The case has been registered under sections of Prevention of Money Laundering Act in connection with alleged irregularities in the grant of FIPB approval to a company to get FDI.

The action has been taken on the basis of a FIR filed by the CBI against Karti Chidambaram over the allegation that he exercised his influence over Foreign Investment Promotion Board officials to grant foreign investment clearance to a firm, INX Media, in 2007.

Two days back, CBI had carried out searches at 14 locations in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Gurugram related to Karti Chidambaram.

  • I m possible

    Chidambaram ji seems to be hands in glove with CPIM’s massive wrongdoings in Tripura. Manik ji led CPIM have been convicted by Supreme Court for corruption and malpractices with 10,323 teacher recruitment. CPIM have been destroying Tripura and its people through organized corruption and nepotism (with proven track record – 1678 cases in High court and 157 cases in Supreme court under trial against Tripura Govt). Also, there are alleged Chit fund scam, MGRNEGA scam, PWD scam, NHM scam, RMSA scam and upcoming 12,000 job (without legal selection process) MEGA RECRUITMENT scam CPIM currently engaged in. Any idea where all the looted public money going please ?

    Time for BJP to display dynamic fabric and replicate UP performance (targeting all 60 assembly seats) in Tripura now. Urging all esteemed leaders and youths of Tripura channelize their decade long discontent of Left misrule by joining and supporting BJP for a thumping WIN.

    Trend says it will be BJP Govt in Tripura in 2018 as Left do not hold any moral right to continue in power after betraying people of Tripura with massive unemployment, gross nepotism , rampant corruption , severe crimes against women and inhuman deaths in Govt hospitals.

    10,323 teacher recruitment scam conviction by Supreme court have been a tight slap on the face of corrupt Tripura Govt with many other verdicts to follow from pending 1678 cases in High court and 157 cases in Supreme court against Tripura Govt.

    CPIM under its incompetent leadership have destroyed Tripura leaving 8 lakhs unemployed poor youths languishing day in and day out. Left have been a champion in hardcore nepotism and corruption. Left govt in Tripura have been slapped by high court numerous number of times (1678 cases in High court and 157 cases in Supreme court under trial against Tripura Govt – major one being 10,323 teacher recruitment cancellation case being upheld by Supreme court) with nepotism and corruption charges.

    Can a report card be issued on public interest on performance of CPIM led Govt in Tripura please? Massive 8 lakh unemployed youths languishing day in and day out, nepotism in Govt sector recruitment (e.g. 10,323 teacher’s recruitment cancelled by High and Supreme court citing corrupt practices by Govt), corruption in pwd and healthcare (e.g. looting crores of central funds meant for state’s infrastructure development, poor quality of healthcare stuffs and massive negligence leading to regular deaths of patients in leading Govt hospitals) and many more..

    Hope BJP have a well drawn up plan for a thumping win in Tripura polls. People of Tripura have had enough of incompetent Govt who have failed miserably in all the sectors including failure to provide mass employment to 8 lakh youths who have been languishing day in and day out, with no action taken on the responsible non-performers.

    Having CPIM’s Manik ji under decades of his rule as CM, Tripura have only seen massive unemployment, crime against women, suicides of youths,corruption, nepotism. Manik ji calls himself poorest CM and by action ensure Tripura remains poor – irrespective of its people lives or dies. Manik ji enjoys more and more central fund without any Central monitoring. Forget inviting industries, Manik ji leaves no opportunity to call industry as mean of exploit infront of them inspite of having 8 lakhs unemployed. Manik ji believes in continuous criticizing of Center with anti-national barbs, even though it is only BJP led Center who have taken all the initiatives so far for Tripura’s good. Manik ji feels comfort of moral right to continue in power even after continued non-performance. Manik ji feels comfort of controlling vote bank purchase in the name of social security schemes (with Central funds) during elections to hide his incompetency to provide mass employment to the concerned sections of the society. Manik ji feels comfortable to remain ignorant in making efforts to improve state’s GDP but makes all the attempt to demand funds to Center and put the blame on Center for financial crunch to hide his own incompetency in generating state’s income. Manik ji believes secularship just before election would help to hide decades of his incompetency and suffering of people from every section of society. Manik ji believes having CPIM cadre Sudip Barman and family as blacksheep in opposition camp would continue to help CPIM to stay in power. Manik ji believes social harmony card would continue to help CPIM to stay in power inspite of continued non performance in most critical matters for people of Tripura. Manik ji believes painting self clean image and imaginary (misinformative) rosy picture of Tripura to outside world keeping reality as disgusting as it can be (with proven track record of 1678 cases in High court and 157 cases in Supreme court under trial against Tripura Govt) would continue to help CPIM to mislead people and win elections. Manik ji believes taking undue credit for BJP led Center’s infrastructure works in Tripura would continue to help to garner votes for CPIM. Manik ji believes inhuman attacks by CPIM cadres on common people and democracy would continue to help to garner votes and win election. Manik ji believes misleading people in the name of petty non-issues like MGNREGA, NLFT, Tax hike, Price hike, subsidy etc. will continue to hide his core incompetency and garner votes. Manik ji believes self reliance rants to poor youths will continue to mislead public on his failure to bring mass employment for 8 lakhs of unemployed youths. Manik ji believes repeated pay-scale deprivation of 1.5 lakhs of Govt employees would continue to help to garner votes and win election. Manik ji feels moral right of getting votes even after eating up livelihood of 10,323 poor youths. Manik ji feels moral comfort of wining election and continuing in power even after daily incidences of crime against women. Manik ji believes daily deaths in Govt run hospitals due to incompetent doctors (CPIM cadres in disguise!) negligence would continue to be ignored by people and get votes for CPIM. Manik ji feels confident that self proclaimed awards, awards in sectors with ZERO impact on peoples misery on core issues due to his incompetency is going to get votes and win elections for CPIM. Manik ji believes scholarly lectures, misleading people in the name of ease of doing business, building, flyover and park inauguration just before election would help to stay in power with 8 lakhs unemployed hungry poor youths languishing only due to severe incompetency and continued misrule of CPIM led Left Govt.

    Time is ripe now. Would BJP be able to out-think Left in Tripura please? Current CM Manik ji has been an absolute incompetent in curbing crimes against women and bringing industries and mass employment for 8 lakhs unemployed – which can be capitalized upfront and be a major thrust to win hearts of people of Tripura.

    An urge to Amit shah ji ..Any plans (both A and B) to conquer Tripura please ? It would be a real test of character and commitment for BJP to make a mark in national interest considering shrewd Left winning every election by hooks and crooks contributing to backwardness of country.

    Keeping 2018 assembly election in mind, Can BJP take initiatives to make Tripura free from clutch of jungle raj please ? Lack of high end Industry, Unemployment and poor economic state of affairs can be few areas to be capitalized upfront. Let incapable old and fragile left leadership take retirement and dynamic BJP leadership take control of Tripura’s economic growth journey. People of Tripura have had enough of sufferings. Time for a change now.

    Left have always been associated with incompetency, lackluster, backdated, anti growth, nepotism, corruption – and unwilling to improve or learn from mistakes. They thrive on funds allocated from Center meant for state’s development.

    Wondering if Mr. Yechury could explain reason behind please ? Has there been any introspection and resolve for improvement ? They keep destroying ruled state Tripura with continuous display of incompetence in tackling most of the burning issues including unemployment (8 lakhs educated unemployed youths – a glaring highest rate in India). How ? Example: Capital city Agartala has become 3rd Internet gateway and with a lame-duck unwilling leadership having poor understanding of Industry and technology, Tripura and its Youth’s future have been continuously ruined leaving a record 25.2% (highest in India) unemployment.

    There are many instances of youths committing suicide out of utter frustration and hopelessness.

    Left ruled Tripura and its youths continues to suffer everyday from chronic unemployment and concerned folks are just happy to mint Govt salary month after month with an excuse of unemployment is throughout country or no infrastructure. At whose cost please ?

    Left ruled Agartala have been declared a smart city. What transformation is being done in Agartala when city corporation tenders only include creating concrete drains ? This attempt being made to keep city backdated at whose cost please ?

    e.g. Telengana CM aims to make capital an world class city, whereas Tripura CM with his all might aims to take the capital backward (current state of affairs is the evidence) by 10 years.

    With a record (highest in India) 25.2% of unemployment Left ruled Tripura continues to bite dust of under-development and non-performance due to state’s outdated policies of being anti development and industry without realizing world and India’s economy driven by Business and technology.

    So far it has been about Govt job, massive nepotism in Govt recruitment , salary, subsidy – on tax payers money and mediocre plastic industry for name sake being the focus – which still fails to show hope to lakhs of educated unemployed youths!

    Need is to bring high end industry and jobs at Agartala having follow up with Industry leaders and setting up required infrastructure on a war footing.

    With high speed internet and 24/7 power, Can capital Agartala look forward in 2017 to being an IT hub with high end IT jobs for 8 lakh educated unemployed youths of Trpiura ?.



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