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Civil society organizes protest to show ‘Solidarity with Rohingya’

protest against burma

AMN /New Delhi

A massive protest by civil society was organized under the banner ‘’Solidarity with Rohingya’’ at the Teen Murti Road near the Burmese embassy in New Delhi.

The vocal and agitated crowd staged a peaceful yet charged protest with heavy sloganeering to express solidarity with the thousands of Rohingya being massacred by the Burmese junta inMyanmar.

Among those who addressed the crowd were Prof Manoj Jha, ProfApoorvanand, Salim Engineer, Ravi Nair, Naved Hamid, SQR Ilyas, Nusrat Ali, Father M D Thomas, Shehla Rashid, Mohit Pandey and others.

They also gave a representation to prime minister Narendra Modi


Representation to the Prime Minister, Govt of India
Date: 13-09-2017
Place: New Delhi

Subject: Rohingya Muslims – Government of India must change its stand on deporting them and offerthem humanitarian assistance.

Respected Pradhan Mantriji,

The Rohingya Muslims are the most persecuted and ignoredcommunity on the earth. The community is being subjected to genocide andpersecuted by the hands of military junta of Myanmar state.Rohingya Muslims are the citizens of Myanmar. Since centuries theyinhabited in the Arakan province of Burma bordering Bangladesh.Since the independence of Burma in 1948 till 1962, they were equalcitizens of that country. In 1962, when the military overthrew the democraticgovernment and established a dictatorial government, thiscommunity was disfranchised under the dictatorial law of Citizenship Actof 1962. Since then they are being humiliated, persecuted, theirchildren, women & men are butchered, their homes and villages aretorched and burnt. They need full support from the Government ofIndia on humanitarian grounds for protection of their life and dignity.India has a long historical tradition of providing refuge to thepersecuted communities of the world and this noble tradition continues evenafter Independence.

Today, in India we have over 3,78,600 refugees fromthe following countries.
1. Buddhists from Tibet – 1,50,000
2. Muslims from Afghanistan – 9,000
3. Hindus & Christians from Sri Lanka – 90,000
4. Hindus, Muslims & Tribals from Bangladesh – 7,000
5. Christians and Muslims from Somalia – 400
6. Muslims from Palestine – 200
7. Hindus from Pakistan – 1,15,000
8. Rohingya Muslims from Burma – 40,000

We have opened our doors to different persecuted communitiesirrespective of their religious belief and ideological differences. We are appreciated in the international for a for this generosity and hospitality to these refugees. The Government of Indiashould reconsider the statement given and action carried out by theHonourableUnion Minister of State for Home Affairs, Mr. KirenRijijuregarding deportation of Rohingya back to the place from where theyfled.The statement of the HonourableMinister violates the idea of India,article 21 of the constitution of India and the international laws aswell as our own golden traditions of sheltering the persecuted peopleand groups.

Sir, the Supreme Court of India has given verdicts many a times on theissues related to refugees in India viz:

1. The state is bound to protect the life and liberty of every humanbeing, be he a citizen or otherwise (Ref. SC judgement in NHRCv/s Arunachal Pradesh 1996).

2. The constitutional provisions must be read and interpreted in amanner which would enhance their conformity with globalhuman rights regime (Ref. SC judgement in Right to privacy case– 24-08-2017). Thus deportation of Rohingya Muslims amountsto transgressing the well-established international law –Principle of Non-Refoulement i.e. no refugees may be pushedback to their place of origin if there is any apprehension thatsuch person will be subjected to the very suffering from whichthey fled.

3. The principle of Non-Refoulement is required to be taken as part of guarantee under article 21 of the constitution. The courtadded that this would be in keeping with golden traditions ofthis country in respecting international committees andaccording good treatment to refugees.

We demand that:
i. The government of India must welcome Rohingya Muslims andrehabilitate them till they return safely to their country.

ii. They must be well treated as long as they stay in our countryand withdraw all orders which may hurt their lives and dignity inIndia.

iii. Government of India should use its good office in Myanmar toconvince the Myanmar leadership to resolve their political issuejustly and amicably. This is in the interest of our country. As theburning borders will certainly affect us.

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