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Catalan separatists march in Barcelona for split from Spain



Pro-independence supporters took to the streets in Barcelona on Sunday. The protesters called for the implementation of the Catalan Republic, and supported the formation of a “republican government” (meaning pro-independence) in a rally held in the centre of the Catalan capital.

The rally was aimed at endorsing the commitment to the results of the October 1 independence referendum and the victory of the pro-independence parties in the December 21 election. According to police figures, around 45,000 people attended the gathering. 

The march was organized by the leading pro-independence group, the Catalan National Assembly, which wants the three main separatist parties to agree on a new government and declare a Catalan Republic.

They took to the streets to call for a government that will work toward secession from Spain. But forming that government could be a tough job with many leaders in jail or out of the country.

The demonstrators waved the Catalan flag and chanted “Republica, ara!” Catalan for “Republic Now,” which was the slogan of the protest.

“What we are doing today is taking to the streets as citizens to demand that the republic we voted for in October continues forward,” said rally organizer Agusti Alcoberro, referring to a disputed referendum that separatists say saw majority support for secession.

Catalonia’s former-President Carles Puigdemont fled to Brussels after sedition charges were filed against him, and is not coming home out fo fear he will be arrested. His chosen successor, separatist leaders Jordi Sanchez, is in prison on sedition charges.

Sanchez has been ruled by a court as unable to take the Catalan presidency because he is not there in person to claim it.

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